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Tuesday 3 January 2017

2016/2017 First Quarter Sales

2016/2017 First Quarter Sales: + 16.1%


from 09/01/16 to 11/30/16

rom 09/01/15 to 11/30/15

Change (%)
Leisure Vehicles
327.9 280.2 +17.0
Leisure Equipment 33.2 30.9 +7.4
Total Sales 361.1 311.1 +16.1

Leisure Vehicles

Investments made in the last two years in order to increase its production capacity enabled Trigano to continue conquering market shares in Europe despite some difficulties affecting the supply of wheelbases and some components early in the quarter: motorhome sales were up 17.8%.
Sales of caravans (+16.9%) were also well-oriented, mainly due to a strong growth of touring caravans. Sales of accessories for leisure vehicles remained stable (+0.2%).
The evolution of static caravan sales (+130.7%), in low season, does not reflect a tendency for the year.

Leisure Equipment

Trailers activity was up 8.5% thanks to a marked recovery in sales in France and Nordic countries.
The evolution of camping (+28.5%) and garden (-3.1%) equipment sales are not significant in the first quarter, due to the seasonality of these activities.


The development of production capacities will continue regularly in the next three years. The delivery of strongly growing motorhomes order backlog during the coming months and the focus on achieving the medium-term needs of distribution networks are the primary objectives that Trigano had set. They are currently proving particularly relevant.

At the same time, other projects, aimed at modernising the existing production tool on an accelerated basis and at improving working conditions, will be implemented in a continuous process.

These investments should allow Trigano to fully benefit from the European leisure vehicles market recovery.

Its strong financial structure will enable Trigano to continue the implementation of necessary investments in physical and human capital, to finance an accelerated growth, and although to seize any acquisition opportunity with strategic relevance.

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