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Tuesday 22 March 2016

2015/2016 Second Quarter Sales

Maintenance of a high sales growth rate in the second quarter 2015 / 2016

(€M)   2016
Financial year
Financial year
Change (%) Change at constant perimeter (%)
Leisure Vehicles Q1 (Sept-Nov) 280.2
+33.4 +26.0
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 277.3
+32.9 +24.5
Half-Year 557.5
+33.2 +25.3
Leisure Equipment Q1 (Sept-Nov) 30.9
+0.9 +0.9
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 32.7
+10.2 +10.2
Half-Year 63.9
+5.5 +5.5
Q2 Sales 310.0
+30.1 +22.7
Half-Year Sales 621.1
+29.7 +22.8

Leisure vehicles

In a European motorhomes market giving strong signs of recovery, Trigano pursued its program increasing production capacities in order to satisfy the strong growing demand. Motorhomes sales are up 24.5% at constant perimeter and 34.4% integrating the activity of Rimor (acquired in March 2015).
Momentum remained strong in Caravans sales (+30.3%) and deliveries of accessories for leisure vehicles (+20.6%).
Given the seasonality of deliveries, static caravans sales in the second quarter (+26.7%) are usually not indicative of a trend for the year. However, considering the level of order backlog at the end of February, annual sales should increase sharply in comparison to 2014/2015.

Leisure equipment

Trailers activity remained well oriented with 9.7% sales growth in the second quarter. Camping equipment (+26.0%) and garden equipment (+7.2%) are in low season and the change in their sales in Q2 is therefore not significant.


First half-year results should clearly rise in comparison to 2014/2015 due to the growth of the activity.

The high level of motorhomes order backlog, fueled in particular by the success of “Spring” series offered to dealer networks in February, lets to glimpse the maintain of a sustained activity in the third quarter. The rate of change in sales of Trigano will however include higher comparative figures linked to the gradual rise in production capacities during the previous financial year.

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