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Friday 27 September 2013

2013 Sales

2012/2013 Sales: 818.2 Million Euros (+10.5%)

In a still difficult economic environment for leisure equipments in Europe, Trigano recorded €818.2M sales in 2012/2013, up 10.5% compared to last year (-6.3% at constant perimeter). This performance was made possible in particular by the return of sales growth at the end of the financial year and by the contribution of the acquisitions made in 2012 and 2013.
Fourth quarter sales, up 18.2% (+1.8% at constant perimeter), reached €188.0 M.


from 06/01/13 to 08/31/12 (€M)

from 06/01/12 to 08/31/12 (€M)

Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 148.3 126.8 +17.0 +0.0
Leisure equipment 39.7 32.3 +23.1 +8.9
Sales 188.0 159.1 +18.2 +1.8

FY 2013

from 09/01/12 to 08/31/13 (€M)

from 09/01/11 to 08/31/12 (€M)


Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 673.2 631.5 +6.6 -7.4
Leisure equipment 145.0 108.8 +33.3 +0.3
Sales 818.2 740.3 +10.5 -6.3

Leisure vehicles

The increase in motor caravan sales in Q4 (+27.5%) can of course be explained by the contribution of SEA but also by a return to growth (+1.4% at constant perimeter). Over the full year, motor caravan deliveries are up 9.8% (-8.8 % at constant perimeter).
The evolution of caravan sales in Q4 (-7.7%) reflects the decline of the markets. Over the financial year, caravan sales decrease by 11.8%.
Accessory deliveries resisted well to the morosity in Europe: +0.0% in Q4; -1.2% in the financial year.
Static caravan deliveries, stable in Q4, posted 15.2% annual growth in a declining French market.

Leisure equipment

Trailer activity (+26.3%) returned to growth in the fourth quarter (+2.4% at constant perimeter) and still benefits from the acquisitions integrated in July 2012. Over the financial year, sales growth reached 55.5% (-2.9% at constant perimeter).
Camping equipment (-11.1% in Q4) and garden equipment sales boosted by the internet site Trigano Store (+34.0% in Q4) are up 3.5% and 5.5% respectively over the financial year.


The good reception of 2014 models by distribution networks led to an increase in the orders of exhibition models. This was confirmed with the public, for local brands in particular, by the results of Düsseldorf (Germany) and Parma (Italy) as well as Oslo (Norway) and Jönköping (Sweden) trade shows.
Trigano will remain attentive to the signals provided by next autumn shows and will pursue in 2014 its policy of strict adjustment of production capacities to the demand, in terms of volumes and competitiveness.

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