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Friday 28 June 2013

2013 Third Quarter Financial Information

2012/2013 Third Quarter Financial Information

Trigano recorded €255.5 M sales in the third quarter, up +19.4% (-6.9% at constant perimeter).
Sales in the first nine months of the financial year reached €630.1 M (+8.4% ; -8.5% at constant perimeter).

financial year
financial year
at constant perimeter
Leisure Vehicles H1 (Sept-Feb) 320.6 331.6 -3.3 -10.8
Q3 (March-May) 204.2 173.1 +18.0 -6.4
Total as at end of May 524.8 504.7 +4.0 -9.2
Leisure Equipment H1 (Sept-Feb) 54.0 35.7 +51.1 +3.5
Q3 (March-May) 51.3 40.8 +25.6 -9.4
Total as at end of May 105.3 76.5 +37.6 -3.3
Total H1 (Sept-Feb) 374.6 367.3 +2.0 -9.4
Q3 (March-May) 255.5 213.9 +19.4 -6.9
At end of May 630.1 581.2 +8.4 -8.5

Leisure Vehicles

The leisure vehicle market remained affected by the economic climate in Europe and by uncertainties over the future level of retirement incomes.
Trigano’s motor caravan sales are up 27.3% in the third quarter due to the integration of SEA and Notin. At constant perimeter, the downward trend seen since the beginning of the financial year has slowed slightly thanks to the success of “Spring” series (motor caravans: -8.1% and caravans: -7.0%).
Sales of accessories for leisure vehicles (-7.3%) have been impacted by the decrease in consumption.
Deliveries of static caravans have pursued their growth (+16.3%), confirming the good positioning of Trigano’s products on a declining French market.

Leisure Equipment

Thanks to the contribution of Lider and Gaupen Henger, the growth of trailer sales reached 71.5% in the third quarter. At constant perimeter however, sales followed market trend (-7.1%).
Camping Equipment (-5.8%) and Garden Equipment (-13.7%) activities were impacted in the third quarter by unfavorable meteorological conditions in France.

Financial situation

Activity in the third quarter has had no significant impact on Trigano's financial situation except the seasonal decrease in working capital requirements and its positive impact on cash situation.


The new ranges of motor caravans and caravans presented to the distributors in June have been well received. Trigano's financial solidity, its rigorous management and sustained adaptation efforts should allow Trigano to pursue the reinforcement of its positions, despite the economic context.

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