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Friday 28 September 2012

2012 Sales

2011/2012 Sales: € 740.4 M

In an economic context less favourable to the consumption of leisure and open-air equipments, Trigano recorded €740.4 M sales in 2011/2012, down 1.2% compared to the previous financial year (-2.8% at constant perimeter).
Sales in the fourth quarter (€159.1 M) are up 3.3% thanks notably to the integration of OCS, Notin, Lider and Gaupen Henger.At constant perimeter, the change in fourth quarter sales (-3.0%) is in line with the annual trend. 


from 06/01/12 to 08/31/12 (€M)

from 06/01/11 to 08/31/11 (€M)

Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 126.,7 128.6 -1.4 -4,8
Leisure equipment 32.4 25.5 +26.9 +6.2
Sales 159.1 154.1 +3.3 -3.0

FY 2012

from 09/01/11 to 08/31/12 (€M)

from 09/01/10 to 08/31/11 (€M)


Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 631.4 642.3 -1.7 -2.8
Leisure equipment 109.0 106.7 +2.1 -2.9
Sales 740.4 749.0 -1.2 -2.8

Leisure vehicles

Motor-caravan sales have resisted well. Despite a decrease in the fourth quarter (-4.9%), due to the will of distribution networks to reduce the level of their stocks, sales at constant perimeter were down 2.0% only in the financial year.
Caravan sales were down 22.0% in the quarter and 22.8% in the financial year.  The increase in living caravan deliveries has only slightly offset lower touring caravan sales in France and in Southern Europe due to the implementation of austerity programmes.
The deliveries of static caravans remained on a good dynamics (+10.1% in Q4), confirming the good positioning of Trigano’s products. Sales are up 23.4% in the financial year.
Finally, with the contribution of OCS, annual sales of accessories for leisure vehicles have increased by 10.0% (+2.8% at constant perimeter).

Leisure equipment

Trailer sales, which have benefited in the quarter of the contributions of Gaupen Henger and Lider, have increased by 51.7% (+10.1% at constant perimeter). In the financial year, sales are up 12.1% (+2.4% at constant perimeter).
Camping (-5.4% in Q4; -9.3% in the financial year) and garden (+5.3% in Q4; -8.3% in the financial year) equipments, despite being better oriented in the fourth quarter, have not recovered the decrease of the third quarter, due notably to unfavourable weather conditions.


In line with expectations, the results of the first Autumn fairs and trade shows are slightly down compared to the level of last year, reflecting the customers’ wait-and-see attitude.
Backed by a sound financial structure, Trigano is going to pursue its policy of strengthening market shares in 2012/2013, with the continuation of its differentiation strategy based on innovation and through external growth operations. In parallel, Trigano will maintain a prudent and rigorous management strategy in order to adapt rapidly its production capacities to the changes in demand on its main markets.

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